How to Make a Successful and Effective Online Meeting with our Top 16 Programs of 2020

Meeting statistics in the United States alone indicate that there are 11 million meetings per day.

Therefore, in this article, you will know how to make an online meeting through 17 distinct services that save you time and money and help you to do remote meetings with any number of people easily and effectively.

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The importance of making an online meeting:

Currently, after the global Corona crisis, it has become difficult to hold a meeting at the workplace, and given the importance and necessity of holding business meetings periodically, Online has become the only and ideal solution as well.

Advantages of Online Meetings:

Save time, effort, preparation, and other stressful matters required by a regular meeting.

Remote meetings can be conducted from anywhere through smartphone or computer applications as long as there is a stable internet connection.

– Attending the meeting does not require elegance in clothing as much as good preparation for the meeting, unlike regular meetings.

– The meeting can be recorded as a video that can be easily referenced.

There are free programs and websites specialized in conducting online meetings for individuals and small and large companies while providing many features that make meeting time more effective.

If you work in a freelance business, then using online meetings is the best way to communicate with clients.

Also, if you have an online job and you have employees and do not have a place to work, it is best to communicate with your employees and explain what you want to them and plan to work through the programs that we will mention.

How to create an online meeting:

The meetings take place via the Internet through specialized software (programs and websites), and one of the most popular such software in our Arab world is the Zoom site.

Although we will explain the modus operandi of an online meeting through the Zoom program, we have mentioned 15 other programs (or websites) that specialize in holding meetings online.

What are the teleconferencing programs (online):

They are programs (or websites) that allow a number of people to communicate with each other at the same time with sound and image through the Internet, through what is known as the electronic room.

Some of these programs are characterized by having a large number to join the meeting, up to 100 or more.

Some meeting programs also feature a blackboard or something similar to explain what is being discussed during the meeting.

And online meeting work programs have 3 forms that facilitate the users to conduct meetings, namely:

Computer programs.
– Websites on the Internet.
– Applications for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

Best online virtual meeting software:

1- Zoom program:

It is considered one of the most popular and easiest programs for working meetings and business meetings on the Internet, and it is characterized by its ease of use and its free membership is very special.

Zoom features:

Completely free, except for some paid features and most users do not need them.

The program is available in a version for Android and iPhone devices, and it is considered one of the best online meeting applications on the phone.

It allows up to 100 people to join in a single meeting room.

– The meeting is recorded and stored as a video or audio only for your reference.

– The program is characterized by the quality of sound and image even with poor internet.

– Free membership allows for a maximum of 40 minutes of meeting time, and paid membership allows unlimited meeting time.

– The program also has many capabilities to control and make the most of the meeting, such as a blackboard or whiteboard, and the ability to share screens of members of the meeting, whether they are phones, computers, or other screens.

2- Go To Meeting:

A website specializing in holding meetings over the Internet with high-quality audio and video and stable Internet connection during the meeting, and there is a copy for a computer and a version for smartphones with Android and iOS.

Among the features of the site:

Participating in the meeting without the need to create an account with it, only the meeting creator gives you a code for the meeting room to enter through it.

– The ability to share the screens of participants to explain or display something.

– It is possible to talk to one of the participants in the meeting without the others listening to what is going on between you.

Get notifications informing you of the upcoming meeting.

3- Microsoft Teams:

This software is not so much dedicated to holding online meetings as it is to facilitate communication between teams to increase productivity.

However, this does not mean that you cannot conduct remote meetings through it, rather it is one of its strong advantages.

One of the advantages of the program is that it integrates with the Office 365 programs, which increases the productivity and ease of work, and the program is available in a free and paid version with a greater number of features.

4- Google Meet:

One of Google’s distinctive services that it provides to institutions and work teams, as the service allows virtual meetings on the Internet for free for a maximum of 60 minutes of meeting time .

Among the advantages of the service:

– The possibility of joining a maximum of 100 people for the meeting online.

– Ease of joining participants through a dedicated meeting link.

– The service encrypts videos and recordings to protect them, and is characterized by a very high level of security.

5- ClickMeeting:

It is one of the most powerful online meeting and organizing services from preparation to presentations and screen sharing.

This service is available for all devices and systems, and it is free for 30 days only and allows up to 20 people to attend the meeting, then you can subscribe to one of the monthly packages that start from $ 25 and increase with your needs.

6- U Meeting:

A distinctive service for business owners and distance education, and it is characterized by the possibility of joining up to 25 participants for free, but one of the disadvantages of free subscription is that the duration of the meeting is only 30 minutes.

But this defect will not make us lose sight of the most important feature of the service, which is the low prices compared to other services.

If you subscribe to the U Meeting Pro 100 package and choose the annual, not the monthly, payment, you will find that you only pay $ 12.5 per month for interviews and business meetings of up to 24 hours for a single meeting with the ability to include up to 100 participants, but this is not getting a $ 10 discount upon renewing the subscription.

7- Bluejeans Meetings:

Although this service is not free, it has many advantages that exceed its prices, which start at $ 9.99 per month if you choose the annual payment.

For example, you can use the smart interviewing feature provided by the site, accept up to 50 participants in a single meeting, and conduct meetings across different browsers and devices, whether a computer, phone or tablet device.

8- Lifesize:

This service offers 4 different packages to suit individuals and business owners.

Where the first package is free of charge and is dedicated to individuals, with the ability to accept a maximum of 10 participants for a single meeting, with no maximum meeting time limit.

And in the second package, with a monthly subscription of $ 12.5, you can include up to 100 participants in a single meeting with more benefits than the free package.

A computer version and a smartphone version are available from the service.

9- Skype for Business:

Skype for Business offers an online meeting service for 20 people for free subscription, and in a paid subscription, you can have up to 250 people in a single meeting.

Among the features of the program are the quality of sound and image, whiteboards, screen sharing, video storage for a whole month, and many other unique features.

10- Zoho Meeting:

Training, sales, direct explanations, technical support, and other things that you can do through this distinguished service at very reasonable prices.

With only $ 8 a month, you can conduct your meetings online with an admission of up to 100 participants, with many features that help to make the most of the meeting.

11- Cisco Webex Meetings:

Every month, 25 billion meetings are held using this service, which means that it is of exceptional quality and performance.

The service is available for computers and smartphones of all kinds, with good features and prices starting from $ 13.5 per month with the provision of 30 days as a trial period for the service and its features.

12- platform:

“Conducting meetings with sharing the screen of work with the team so that the achievement is faster and easier” This is what this wonderful platform offers you at good prices.

Its prices start from $ 10 for 5 meeting participants to $ 30 for 250 participants with 1000 GB of space to store meetings.

13- Adobe Connect:

Although Adobe’s products are distinctive and worth their prices even if they are a little high, this product in particular is considered to be of a high price compared to its competitors in the market.

The monthly meeting package price is $ 50, allowing only 25 participants.

But in general, Adobe products are directed to a group of people who want advanced things and very high quality, if you are from this category and the number of participants is 25 or less, this product is good for you.

14- Highfive:

If your staff is 40 or less, the initial plan for this $ 9.99 website is perfect for you.

Especially since there is no maximum number of meetings or the duration of the meeting, which makes this site distinctive and almost superior to the rest of the services in this part.

15- Intermedia AnyMeeting:

In addition to the site’s primary service of videoconferencing, the site also provides tools to help accomplish collaborative work between teams.

The site has many advantages, including the unlimited number of meetings, creating a dedicated meeting link for easy participation of participants, scheduling meetings, screen sharing, and more.

16- Uber Conference (Best Online Mobile Meeting App):

Through this site, you can make a meeting on the Internet from anywhere, because it allows holding meetings remotely through the browser on any device or system without the need to download a program or application (the site is available as a mobile application).

In the free plan for the site, only 10 participants are allowed to enter the meeting, and only 45 minutes is the maximum time for a single meeting, unlike the paid plan in which the meeting time reaches 5 hours for the number of participants up to 100 participants.

The two plans feature an unlimited number of meetings with recording, and a screen sharing feature, while providing high-quality audio and video.

Tips on how to make a successful online meeting:

– Pre-planning the meeting and writing the desired objectives of holding the meeting and writing the most important points that will be discussed during the meeting.

– It is better before the meeting takes place to have with all the meeting members a copy of the meeting plan so that everyone is aware in advance, and also for each individual to start developing solutions or results for the data he has in the meeting plan.

Avoid falling into technical problems by examining the computers on which the meeting will take place.

It is important for everyone in the meeting to have sufficient focus from the start of the meeting to the end.

It is also important to allocate time to discuss each point or part of the meeting.

Preferably, the meeting time should not be too long.

– Take notes during the meeting or record the meeting as a video for easy reference and extract the most important things mentioned in it.

In conclusion:

Modern technology and software have made it easier for online and offline project owners to conduct remote meetings via video via the Internet.

In the most difficult times, your work will not stop for one reason or another, and as you have seen that there are many options for making an online meeting easily and for free as well.

We hope that the article helped you to know how to make an online meeting through the programs and sites that we have shown.

In the end, we are waiting for your comment and we are honored to respond to it.


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