First Job Advice For Every College Grad

1. Just try an internship

Internships are a great way to network within a company and lay the groundwork for future opportunities, especially if your aim is to be employed with your internship company eventually. The downside is that of working for free, but the upside is that of exposing the recruiting decision-makers to an immediate entry point or foot in the door AND publicity. You might want to try this route if you’re struggling in your work quest, and months pass without any luck.

2. Working Off Your Ass

First impressions are all, so you’ll want to start by proving yourself to be professional and competent. Don’t slack off on the network or be caught surfing. Do the best of your ability to do your work so that you meet standards and keep your boss satisfied. As long as your standard of work is high, lift your hand to take on more work at any opportunity. This will give the message that what you are doing is that you are concerned. It will also help you begin to develop a wide variety of skills and useful experiences to talk about on your resume.

3. Network Networking Network Network Network

Make a point to begin developing relationships with those around you when you’re not working hard: your boss, friends, and team. Do not eat lunch on your own or take coffee breaks. Think of these small breaks as an opportunity to create the personal connections on which your future relationships can be developed.

4. Let the boss look good

It is important to prove yourself to those around you, whether you start with a paying job or an internship. When it comes to promoting or recruiting, companies will look internally first and a recommendation from your manager will go a long way to helping you be considered. The best way to stand out: to get the job done and to make the life of your boss easier. Consider it a gold star in your favor and one step closer to the golden ticket every time you make your boss look fine.

5. Ask for Questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions, even if you want to make a good first impression. Managers value individuals who are not afraid to inquire, as this will help develop your potential and make it more successful for the team to succeed. Your boss is there to help you excel, but executives are not aware of readers, so inquire if you feel confused. Find someone on your team who is eager to assist and ask them instead if you’re not comfortable asking your boss.

6. Get on LinkedIn & become involved

Carry it over to LinkedIn when you start building your network so that you can start accumulating and maintaining your virtual space network. This will assist you in your career to remain coordinated and linked. Go ahead and start to communicate and keep in touch with the individuals you deal with. You’d be shocked how even your first professional relationships are going to come back in your future to support you.

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